Whether it’s perimeter breaches, weaponized computer laptops, bomb threats, terminal evacuations, rogue employees or active shooters, airport security is in the news weekly. Airports are targets. They face increasingly complex security concerns, declining security budgets and slow moving government roadmaps to modernize the security infrastructure. In other words, this is a perfect storm for disaster to strike.

Airport security challenges include:

• Public and sterile areas to protect…
• Internal and external threats…
• Determined terrorists with evolving tactics…
• Many entities, vendors and customers, plus, lots of territory to protect.

Like a sucker punch from behind, you cannot stop what you can’t see. Situation awareness is crucial to airport security teams. They must be able to quickly observe, detect and mitigate a threat. Security can’t respond until they know where response is needed. Even 30 seconds of early warning can change the outcome of an airport attack. But cameras, TSA and police are spread thin; they cannot do it all, alone.

Airport security teams can be more effective by deploying an early-warning tool that improves public safety. Crowd-sourcing enables EVERYONE at an airport to enhance safety: Airport employees, contractors, vendors, drivers and the traveling public. ELERTS See Say is a simple to use solution for reporting suspicious activity and other security concerns.

See Something Say Something has Potential, but…

Many people will not call 911 (on a recorded line, with Caller ID) to be questioned by a police dispatcher. And it can be intimidating to walk up to a law enforcement officer and discuss what they saw. Plus, we are all busy and in a hurry. People don’t want to get pulled into something that may delay them or require them to become more involved than they want to be.

It’s time to make SSSS more actionable…

The technology is here. It is easy to use. It is proven effective and the cost is low. Airports today can empower thousands of workers, vendors, drivers and customers to report a security concern discreetly in 20 seconds, by using a smartphone app.
ELERTS See Say is a crowd-sourced incident-reporting mobile app that is already deployed at 16 transportation agencies. Safety and security concerns are reported with smartphones daily, helping to keep the system safe for everyone.

Budget Friendly and Lean

TSA and GAO want airport security solutions that are cost effective and have evidential proof of results. ELERTS See Say is a proven solution that is easy to use and can be deployed in 30 days. ELERTS web-based management console provides security dispatchers with real-time alerts from app users who notice something that just doesn’t look right. In less than 20 seconds, an app user can send an information payload with a description of their concern, a photo or video, and the GPS location of where the problem is occurring. They can send anonymously if they wish. “Heads up, take a look at this” …

Unleash the Crowd!!

K9 units at airports serve a single important purpose, sniff and detect explosive substances. People cannot smell explosive traces in the air, but people do notice and report many different types of threats using ELERTS incident reporting mobile app. We love dogs, but the ELERTS See Say app adds thousands of people to your security team for less than the cost of one K9 unit. Unleash the defensive security weapons already present in your airport, the thousands of people who can enhance safety by providing early warning to incoming threats.

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