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ELERTS Attention Engine


Focus On The Right Camera At The Right Time

Seeing a security incident live on camera allows for faster response. Unfortunately, 99% of surveillance footage is never watched because there are too many cameras to monitor. Most video is just recorded. Intercepting crime is better than recording it!

ELERTS Attention Engine™ uses smartphones and cloud computing to trigger Video Management Systems (VMS) to display the camera nearby an active security incident.

How It Works

Attention Engine works like video analytics but adds human intuition to notice something is wrong.

  • Camera locations are drawn on a map in the ELERTS EPICenter console
  • An ELERTS app user reports a security or safety concern with their smartphone
  • App sends smartphone GPS location along with the report
  • ELERTS Cloud determines nearby surveillance cameras
  • Security personnel can focus on that specific camera, receive real-time intel and respond quickly
  • Note: Mapping the location of a smartphone relies on accuracy of phone’s GPS, which may vary.


Technology plus human intuition makes video surveillance smarter.

  • Attention Engine enhances video surveillance systems to include real-time crime interception
  • Removes “needle in the haystack” guesswork by identifying which camera to watch
  • Empowers people to help protect themselves
  • Shows First Responders where to respond

ELERTS Attention Engine livens up your CCTV network. Are you getting the most out of your video surveillance?

Let ELERTS help.

Studies show that when trying to watch surveillance camera feeds, video fatigue occurs in under 20 minutes and attention wanders. ELERTS Attention Engine brings important new functionality to CCTV networks and adds value to investments in video surveillance.