ELERTS has your Bus Driver’s back

Bus driver safety is of the utmost importance. Assaulting or distracting a bus driver endangers not only the driver, but every passenger on the bus, as well as people on the roadway. Many assaults on bus drivers were reported last year. Passengers using ELERTS See Say app have improved bus driver safety, by reporting when a driver is being harassed, assaulted, or falsely accused of bad behavior. Examples of reports are below.


The subject in question regarding the spitting on an **** bus driver is s***** ***** (goes by the facebook alias S***** *******). He lives in ***** and goes to **** nightclub on boylston street every friday night


Passenger – can’t tell if he knows driver or not – has arm around driver, way too close for comfort, on number 9, bus 2272. Just stopped at Columbus now.


Wanted to speak out in support of my bus driver who just faced a very difficult situation on the 204 bus this morning. Two men who were yelling at him to stop the bus so they could get off at corner, despite the fact that there were no people waiting at the stop to be picked up and that this was an EXPRESS bus heading downtown. The two men made a big scene yelling at the bus driver! The two men were both very big in size and were crowding the bus driver, hovering over him and trying to intimidate him while he tried to drive. I thought the bus driver stayed calm and handled the situation well. Both men said they are reporting the bus driver which is why I am voicing my support of the bus driver. He did nothing wrong. Thank you


Route 47 bus number 1752 someone is verbally assaulting the bus driver threatening to fight when the driver is off work.


Commendation. I’m in the #9 bus, bus 213. I just wanted to comment on how courteous the driver is. She has stopped at crosswalks to let pedestrians pass, something that should not seem unusual but is, and she has been so polite to all the passengers. She’s doing a great job!


This guy is recording the route as the bus driver is driving and keeps checking the route map. 67 bus number 2153


I was riding on the bus (got in at **** Square) and very loud older man started yelling at a woman because he thought she was transgender. Then when another passenger asked him to keep his voice down, he yelled at her about being on food stamps. When the bus driver tried to get him to stop, he yelled at her saying he had the right to yell because he was a marine. Eventually the driver made him get off the bus after a lot of shouting. The guy said he was going to report the driver, so I am contacting you so you know what actually happened.


Passengers harassing & threatening driver of route 61 bus number 2041 just leaving Forest Hills

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