Public security is a growing problem for cities worldwide. Smart cities are, as a concept, safer cities. – BBC

A smart city is a municipality that uses information and communication technologies to increase operational efficiency, share information with the public and improve both the quality of government services and citizen welfare. Crowd-sourcing safety and community concerns can improve the quality and timeliness of response to incidents.

By reporting when they see a problem. Most people want to help when they see something wrong, but no one wants to call 911 unless they’re sure something is an emergency. A lot of times, things just don’t look right, or someone looks suspicious or is harassing another person, but it doesn’t yet feel like an emergency. How can citizens safely help?

ELERTS public safety app is one of those important platforms to help keep citizens safe, and empower them to easily – and, anonymously – report what they see:

  • Suspicious activity
  • Disruptive Behavior/drugs
  • Traffic or vehicle problems
  • Vandalism or property crime
  • Harassment/Bullying/Assaults
  • Aggressive Panhandlers/Homeless

A dispatcher for the city or improvement district gains real-time visibility to activities in a way that was not previously available. People in distress get help.

  • Real-time, two-way chat between citizen and police or dispatcher
  • Anonymous reporting option
  • App user submits incident details, a photo or video, and a GPS map of their location
  • App disables phone flash for discretion

Cities, Improvement districts, Transit agencies, airports and schools already use ELERTS See Say app to make their publics feel safer. Request a demo, below.

…citizens have a safe and secure way to quickly send their location and a description of the problem. The report can include photo or video.  The See Say app empowers the public to report concerns in just 20 seconds.

The dispatcher receives an app user’s report on a web-based management console that allows two-way communication with app users. Incident reports may include photos, video, and a GPS map, showing where the problem is occurring. A dispatcher may broadcast advisories to app users. Law enforcement may quickly share incident reports with other agencies. Incidents can be mapped over time to visualize a community-wide perspective of safety & security in the area.  Feedback from the public is assured.