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Mission Statement

ELERTS is changing the emergency response landscape by creating one of the most effective and robust public safety communication platforms through a mass notification system that utilizes smartphones. Using mobile technology to combine official-sourced emergency alerts with crowd-sourced reports, ELERTS is putting safety and security in the hands of smartphone users everywhere.


People will help people if they have the right tools. At ELERTS, we are creating public safety communications platforms centered on an emergency alert system app using the power and popularity of smartphones.

Traditional mass notification systems push out static messages through lowest common denominator methods. ELERTS transcends those methods by combining the incident, the place and the person. This combination of official alerts, emergency data feeds and citizens empowered with smartphones and tablets allows all parties to share verified, real-time, eyewitness emergency or disaster reports, for an active shooter or bomb threat — significantly improving overall response and incident outcomes.

Small and large transit security authorities, K-12 schools, hospitals, corporations, universities, utility companies, municipalities, churches and other organization are successfully using ELERTS emergency response systems to protect, communicate and respond. The ELERTS system works by aggregating and integrating multiple sources of emergency data feeds and content types that are rapidly compared, annotated and distributed in a targeted manner to all critical stakeholders.

ELERTS partners with organizations like National Association Of School Resource Officers (NASRO) to ensure that our school campuses are safe.

ELERTS believes people will help people if equipped with the proper tools like mobile alert systems to capture and share information about emergencies.

Executive Team

Ed English – CEO

Ed is a successful serial entrepreneur, with a computer science...

Chris Russo – Founder and EVP

After witnessing numerous people who suffered injuries and/or loss of...

Drew Hannah – Executive Director

Drew has partnered with CEOs and their leadership teams to...

Paul MacMillan – Mass Transit Security Expert

Paul MacMillan has extensive experience in public transportation security. He...

Dick Ruddell

Dick Ruddell served as Superintendent of Transportation for the Wichita...