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How will ELERTS improve our current emergency response system?

ELERTS is designed to help security professionals engage directly with their constituents, and through direct contact, make better decisions and respond faster. Through smartphone technology, transit riders, hospital workers, home and municipal energy customer – whomever you serve—will be able to send reports with photos to you from the scene of an emergency, while events are occurring, and receive warnings and instructions back from you.

Will ELERTS work with our current emergency response system?

ELERTS compliments and works alongside any existing emergency mass notification system, for example, systems in use in your dispatch center or PSAP.

How can my organization start using the ELERTS system to manage reports and notifications?

ELERTS Web Console is a cloud based management console that operates using a web browser on a Windows, Mac, iPad or other computer. No additional hardware is required. Administrators and dispatchers just log into the ELERTS web console. Please contact us to get a quote on using ELERTS mobile communication system for your town or organization.

How do our constituents get ELERTS?

The ELERTS See Say app is free and works on both iPhone and Android phones. It can be downloaded at the Apple or Android app stores.

Will my constituents contribute to ELERTS?

Yes. Your constituents often have real-time information that is very valuable to 1st Responders, but have not had a way – other than 911 – to communicate that information effectively or efficiently. For example, the average traffic accident results in 25-30 911 calls. This is not an efficient use of resources, and can result in inconsistent assessments of the situation. ELERTS allows 1st Responders to get an accurate picture of the emergency scene, and respond quickly and appropriately.

Is there any filtering of the reports that come in to the ELERTS web console?

ELERTS 1R (First Reviewer) network can optionally filter incoming reports before they arrive at your ELERTS web console.

What kind of emergency notification is ELERTS appropriate for?

Everything from active shooter to weather emergencies to suspicious and threatening activity in hospitals, schools, trains and other public places. ELERTS also allows a dispatcher to communicate directly with constituents to relay warning messages or to help people get out of harm’s way.

Will ELERTS work with the “See something/Say something” campaign?

Yes. ELERTS is a perfect complement to this campaign. Without ELERTS, air, rail and public transit passengers struggle for ways to quickly, and safely report suspicious activity. With ELERTS they can take a photo or video, add text describing the incident and send their report directly to the appropriate authority.

How does it work if there is not cellular or Wi-Fi signal?

ELERTS uses “store and forward” technology to send messages when connectivity returns.

Is my dispatcher going to be overwhelmed because he gets so many reports?

Not likely. The number of people who actually send reports is a small subset of those who can send reports.

How does the union react to this solution coming into the workforce?

ELERTS solution can enhance employee safety and security in the workplace. This can be presented as an employee benefit and carries some goodwill that the organization cares enough to provide such a tool.

Can we brand this solution?

Some branding elements can be added to the ELERTS app, such as logos or background images.

How do we cover service calls after hours? Who responds to the call?

The apps can inform app users of what the service hours are and what to do after hours.

How does the two-way anonymous communication work?

Users may optionally enter their name, email and phone number during installation of the app. If the user chooses to submit a report in anonymous mode, this information is not provided to the organization’s dispatcher.

Does it cost more for the police department to monitor it?

No, ELERTS allows local police to use its mobile apps and console at no additional cost.

How do we stop ex-employees from receiving the messages?

For organizations that only allow authorized users, the system admin can delete any users from the database and their app will no longer be a part of the network.

Do we have to monitor these reports or can we outsource it?

Most customers monitor incoming incident reports internally. Employees assigned to monitor the incoming reports may be police, security or customer service personnel. Some organization choose to outsource the monitoring to a professional central station. ELERTS can recommend a central station if desired.

Can we get access to the data or use it in another system?

Yes, the system admin can download or export the report data into CSV or PDF files anytime during their active subscription to ELERTS service.