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Better communication saves lives. When a critical situation is coming your way, how and when you get notified can affect how you emerge from it.
To send a report, you must click the report button from the main screen. Sending a report as a test gets automatically discarded. To send a report the app must be registered.
To register, from the main screen click the settings button. Then click My Info. Fill out your info and hit done to finish registering.
To view an Alert, hit the Alerts button from the main screen. Once the list of Alerts has loaded click on the desired Alert to view it.
To update the Alert list, scroll to the top, press the screen and then pull down and release.
While viewing the Alert, type your response in the reply bar. You can attach an image if you choose.
To mark an Alert as read, you can either open its details, or you can long press on it. (iOS only)
To delete an Alert, you can click the trash can while viewing its details. On iOS you can swipe the Alert on the Alert list to get the delete button. On Android you can long press on the Chat in the Chat list to get a prompt to delete.
On iOS, to delete multiple Alerts you can swipe to the right with two fingers on the Alert list to enter deletion mode. For even quicker deletion on iOS, if you swipe on an Alert a Delete All Older button appears. Hitting Delete All Older will delete the selected Alert and anything that is older in the list. On Android, if you long press on an Alert you get the option to Delete or Delete All Older.
To change the types of Alerts received, go to the settings from the main screen. In settings, the Alert Types allow you to select what types of Alerts you would like to receive. Locations specify where the selected Alert types come from.
Check-In is a way to let people know where you are and if you are ok or not. You can choose between emailing or sending an iMessage to the people you want to notify. A map of your location will also be sent with the I’m OK or I need help message.
If EscortMe says it is unable to authorize, you must speak with your administrator about getting access.
Locations marked on the map for Alerts indicate an approximate location. GPS accuracy may vary.