A feature of the ELERTS See Say™ app, EscortMe allows users to request a virtual security escort when walking to a given destination.

It can be distressing – and potentially dangerous – to walk alone through a university campus, a large corporate parking lot, or even in a mass transit station when there are few people around.

If under distress, a person can simply touch a button. EscortMe will alert the local dispatch or security operations center, and send officers directly to their location via their smartphone’s GPS coordinates.

In addition, EscortMe is capable of working with ELERTS Attention Engine™ technology.

Using smartphone GPS signals and cloud computing, the ELERTS Attention Engine™ will trigger a Video Management System (VMS) to quickly display an active security incident via a nearby camera.

How It Works

Each user will be provided with two options before being virtually escorted: Manual or Ripcord Hands Free.

Manual – The user holds their finger on the “Hold to Start” button, keeping their finger on the smartphone screen as they travel. Once the destination is safely reached, releasing the smartphone screen and pressing the “I Am Safe” button within 10 seconds disengages the

In an emergency, removing their finger from the smartphone screen for more than 10 seconds or pressing the “I Need Help” button will instantly notify the local dispatch or security operations center that the person is in trouble and in need of immediate assistance.

Ripcord Hands Free – Instead of manually operating the EscortMe emergency app, a headset is attached to the smartphone and the Ripcord Hands Free option is selected.

The headset operates as a normal device, and the person can listen to music, text and freely use other applications, as long as the headset remains attached to the smartphone while the EscortMe app is activated.

If the person is distressed or in danger, simply removing the headset from the smartphone will provide the user five seconds to inform authorities that they are safe. If no message is sent, the local dispatch or security operations center will send help to that location.