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Better communication saves lives. When a critical situation is coming your way, how and when you get notified can affect how you emerge from it.
To initiate a Safety Alert, you must be authorized by the security manager of your facility. The security manager controls who may use the app and which features are available.
To initiate a Safety Alert, you must click the Safety Alert button from the main screen. After initiating a Safety Alert you will be prompted to send a report with the reason for the Safety Alert.
To register, from the more screen click the settings button. Then click My Info. Fill out your info and hit done to finish registering. If you are not activated you will receive an email with an activation link. Once activated you can select an Organization to be a part of from the settings screen.
To send a message, hit the Alerts button from the main screen. Then type into the message bar at the bottom and hit send. You can also attach an image.
To view a message, hit the Alerts button from the main screen. Once the list of Alerts has loaded click on the desired message to view it.
To update the message list, scroll to the top, press the screen and then pull down and release.
While viewing the message, type your response in the reply bar and then hit send. Replies are visible by everyone.
To mark an message as read, you can either open its details, or you can long press on it. (iOS only)
On iOS you can swipe the message on the Alert list to get the delete button. On Android you can long press on the message in the Alert list to get a prompt to delete.
On iOS, to delete multiple message you can swipe to the right with two fingers on the Alert list to enter deletion mode. For even quicker deletion on iOS, if you swipe on a message a Delete All Older button appears. Hitting Delete All Older will delete the selected message and anything that is older in the list. On Android, if you long press on a message you get the option to Delete or Delete All Older.
Check-In is a way to let people know where you are and if you are ok or not. You can choose between Facebook, Twitter, Email or sending an SMS/iMessage to the people you want to notify. A map of your location will also be sent with the I’m OK or I need help message.
Locations marked on the map for messages indicate an approximate location. GPS accuracy may vary.