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ELERTS Attention Engine™

Focusing On the Right Camera at the Right Time

Seeing a security incident live on camera allows for faster response. Unfortunately, 99% of surveillance footage is never watched because there are too many cameras to monitor. ELERTS changes that.

Intercepting crime is better than recording it

ELERTS Attention Engine™ uses smartphones and cloud computing to trigger Video Management Systems (VMS) to display the camera nearest to a security incident. Working like video analytics, but adding the intuition of human intelligence, Attention Engine makes video surveillance smarter.

How It Works

  • Camera locations are drawn on a map in the ELERTS EPICenter console
  • An ELERTS app user reports a security or safety concern with their smartphone
  • App sends smartphone GPS location along with the report
  • ELERTS Cloud determines nearby surveillance camera
  • Security personnel, focused on the specific camera, can receive real-time intel and respond quickly


  • Attention Engine enhances video surveillance systems to include real-time crime interception
  • Removes “needle in the haystack” guesswork by identifying which camera to watch
  • Empowers people to help protect themselves
  • Shows First Responders where to respond

Why Attention Engine?

Studies show that when trying to watch surveillance camera feeds, video fatigue sets in in under 20 minutes, and attention wanders. ELERTS Attention Engine brings important new functionality to CCTV networks and adds value to investments in video surveillance.
This technology helps first responders become faster responders.


Personal Safety Status Tool

Those who use ELERTS Lock It Down™ and ELERTS See Say™ solutions benefit from a personal safety communication tool, right at the bottom of each app.

The Check-In button opens a quick and simple message and map feature that lets someone know where you are. GPS technology pins the map and provides the nearest physical address. At the bottom there are two prompts: “I Am OK” and “I Need Help.”

Upon selecting one, a Share screen appears with Email, SMS/iMessage, or social media options. The receiver sees the appropriate message and map.

Used in tandem with the full solution, Check-In provides quick communication for the sender and important information to family and friends.

ELERTS EscortMe™

Virtual Monitoring at the Touch of a Finger

Imagine your teachers or nurses being personally escorted to their cars at night. Consider the comfort for a student walking across campus after dark.

Evening work events. Shift changes. Corporate construction sites. All potentially perilous to the isolated individual.

ELERTS EscortMe™ is a feature within the See Say app that lets people discreetly request electronic monitoring with the push of a smartphone button. GPS mapping transmits information that “creates footsteps” on a web-based console so security dispatchers can follow the path.

Participation is discreet for the user and timely for the responder.

  • If a user releases the smartphone button or if the device is yanked away from a jack, as if in an assault, help is deployed.
  • Unlikely a stationary call box, there is no alarm to pull, no code to enter, and no physical proximity required.
  • What a great way to help students and staff self-protect… and to show that the school or company cares.
  • There is no additional cost for EscortMe when subscribing to the See Say solutions. It’s our way of helping people become part of the public safety solution.

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