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ELERTS See Say™ for Government

ELERTS See Say Solution provides government facilities immediate situation awareness of everyday incidents and more concerning security issues, delivering a highly-valued additional layer of protection. Allow staff and citizens to provide early warnings for authorities, using their ever-present mobile phones.

Protect Workers From External & Internal Threats, Vulnerable Areas are Safer with Mobile Reporting


  • Staff use app to report safety & security concerns
  • Reports include; incident description, report type, photo/video and GPS location
  • Reporting enables real-time 2-way communication
  • Broadcast alerts to staff
  • Alert with Panic Button from desktops
  • Web-based console, no hardware required
  • Supports iPhone and Android phones

Protect facilities and infrastructure with swift alerts from people on the street. Safe-guard a wide variety of buildings, such as Courthouses, Unemployment Offices, Port Authorities, Tax Offices, Municipalities, Regional Intelligence Centers, Government Benefit Offices, DOT, Water or Electric Plants, Airports and more.



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NIMS (National Incident Management System) is an important emergency standard and proven compliance is a key advantage for ELERTS.  FEMA tested and rated ELERTS compliant with NIMS emergency protocol standards.