Improving venue security with people and their smartphones.

Security personnel can’t see everything.  With ELERTS Stadium™, observant venue staff and attendees can easily report questionable activity to Security, by using their smartphones.


Stadiums, convention centers, arenas, auditoriums, concert and other venues.


  • Smartphone acts as force multiplier for the Security staff at crowded events.
  • Attendees and venue staff can quickly report suspicious or criminal activity with their smartphones.
  • Discreet reports can be submitted from inside or outside the venue.
  • People can report things that don’t rise to emergency levels.
  • Security can reply to incident reports to ask for more information or give instructions; people can respond to safety alerts and BOLO’s.
  • No hardware – reports are managed from an cloud-based management console.
  • Security Ops can broadcast safety information to all users or groups (e.g. Security staff).


  • Incident reports include photos, text description & GPS location.
  • Real-time, two-way chat with Security dispatcher.
  • Ability for Security Ops to broadcast safety information to the crowd.
  • Smartphone camera flash disabled for discreet photo taking.
  • Guard rounds reporting with smartphone.
  • Map of venue with evacuation plans.
  • Ability to brand ELERTS Stadium™ app for venue.

Attention Engine for CCTV

  • “Knows” where each camera is and what it can see.
  • Brings attention to the camera(s) nearby a reported incident.
  • Integrates with leading video management systems (VMS).
  • Maps Field of View of each surveillance camera.
  • Supports fixed position and PTZ cameras.


  • For Apple and Android devices.
  • Cloud-hosted management console – no hardware.
  • Uses cellular data network or wifi; superior to voice or SMS during rapid increase in traffic, in case of mass emergency.
  • Proven technology used by mass transit systems, like Boston MBTA and Atlanta MARTA.

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