Our technology allows customers and utility workers to quickly send photos, text and GPS location of any outage, emergency or public safety incident.

When power outages do occur, by using our ELERTS app, customers can often still receive outage updates and send reports of wires down or lights out in their neighborhood. At ELERTS we believe that people will help people. For the utility industry, that means those people – using the two-way communication that ELERTS provides – can be your eyes on the ground to tell you when something happens or service is interrupted.

Faster and better reports about incidents mean operations managers and utility customers get accurate and more useful updates about any situation.

There are several significant advantages to using the ELERTS system:

  • More efficient management of resources.
  • Fewer truck-rolls to sites that do not have damage to the electrical wires.
  • Improved customer relations.
  • Faster, more accurate updates during outages.
  • Two-way communications improving both fact-gathering and response.
  • Improved government and media relations.
  • More timely and reliable information with these two critical constituencies reduces the chances for misinformation reaching the public.
  • Two-way communication with customers creates a more transparent communications environment, improving crisis management.

ELERTS Leverages

  • Two-way communication
  • Two-way sharing of photos
  • Geo-targeted alerts
  • Confirmed message delivery

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