After witnessing numerous people who suffered injuries and/or loss of life due to a lack of timely communication during a crisis, Chris realized that the Smartphone could be a game-changer not only for public safety but for K-12 Schools, Hospitals, Transit, Colleges and Corporate Campuses, Airports, and anywhere else that large crowds gather.

Chris is a lifelong First Responder and is highly decorated, having received numerous awards, including Massachusetts’ highest “Medal of Honor,” recognizing his outstanding career in fire services, incident response and public safety education.

For the past seven years, Chris served as Deputy Fire Chief of Hull, Massachusetts and was promoted to Chief of Department in January 2015. Chief Russo has rescued people in harms way for over 30 years, working in fire, medical and maritime rescue operations. He has personally been involved in many high profile events, including the Response and Reconnaissance team at Ground Zero 9/11, the Response team at Worcester Cold Storage Fire, the rescuing of several Kayakers trapped in the Weir River Culvert, the rescue of 175 people from a commuter boat in Boston Harbor and many more emergency incidents.