Let’s get through this safely

Operators and passengers are feeling at-risk on public transportation these days.  Yet transits are making heroic efforts to keep the system running. Thank you!  Public transportation is essential.

Making people feel safe again is essential to the recovery of public transportation.  We can help.  For 10 years ELERTS has provided transit agencies with incident reporting tools to make ‘see something, say something’ more actionable.  It’s comforting to know you can quickly report a safety problem with your mobile phone if you need to.

Every transit agency wants to provide a safe environment but the safety challenge is large. There are a lot of people, vehicles, and properties to constantly protect. It’s a game changer when the public and employees act as eyes and ears for safety.  When trouble or risk is onboard, such as a COVID-19 concern or an operator assault, a mobile phone that can quickly report problems to a dispatcher becomes a valuable piece of Personal Protection Equipment.

ELERTS wants to help by providing a FREE 2-way Text-A-Tip system for 12-months. Passengers and employees can send photos along with a description of what the problem is. Incoming reports are managed on a web-based console from your operations center or from a home office.

Apply today. (USA Transit agencies only.) Let ELERTS help enhance safety at your agency. Your operators and passengers will appreciate it.

Application deadline
June 16, 2020

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    ELERTS is the leading crowd-sourced incident reporting platform for transit agencies in North America, protecting 2 billion passengers and operators annually. Stuff happens on trains and buses Situational awareness is a game changer.