ELERTS Situational Awareness provides organizations with early-warning to incidents and hazards.  This crowd-sourced early-warning creates opportunities to improve Safety and Customer Experience.

Fear Factor

Alert VM: Valley Metro's Safety & Security App

Valley Metro Rail riders can now download a free safety and security app for reporting incidents directly to rail operations staff.

Fear Factor

Transit Fear Factor & Ridership Recovery

After months of nonstop news stories about Mass Transit being unsafe, people have fears. Learn how transit agencies can restore confidence and help people get back on public transportation.

MARTA See & Say app.

Atlanta MARTA See & Say app

How to use MARTA’s See & Say app for reporting suspicious or dangerous situations to the MARTA police


Toronto Transit Commission

The Toronto Transit Commission hits the streets to ask riders what they think of the SafeTTC app in this three part video series.

Atlanta MARTA See & Say app.


MARTA demonstrates how riders can use the ELERTS See Say communication platform to report unusual behavior or incidents.

Sacramento Alert SacRT

Sacramento Alert SacRT

Sacramento police and riders explain the benefits of using ELERTS See Say incident reporting system to report safety and security concerns.


San Francisco BART Watch app

BART demonstrates how anyone with a smart phone can discretely report criminal or suspicious activity by taking a photo or sending a text description of what they are seeing via the BART Watch app.

Ben Fairow

San Francisco BART Watch app

BART Police Deputy Chief explains how reporting incidents on the system is fast, easy and can be anonymous with the BART Watch app.

DEN airport

Keeping DEN airport safe

DEN now has a tool for passengers to report safety and security concerns, like unattended baggage, directly to airport authorities.

VTAlerts app


The VTA shows how to quickly send safety and security concerns to VTA's Protective Services staff, by using ELERTS See Say incident reporting platform.

Big Game 2019

ELERTS protects fans at the Big Game

Learn how ELERTS and MARTA are keeping fans safe in Atlanta.

DART Say Something App

Dallas DART app on twitter

DART police, fare enforcement and employees hit the streets to demonstrate how the DART Say Something app offers a discreet way to report incidents to DART police.

Sacramento Alert SacRT

DEN airport case study with AAAE See Say Airport

Learn how Denver International launched an airport-wide incident reporting system for employees, tenants and the public to report problems.

DEN airport

Rail Trespasser

832 persons were killed by trains last year in the US, including suicides. Crowd-sourced incident reporting with ELERTS mobile app provides early warning about persons at-risk. Many transit agencies already use ELERTS system.

Samaritans stop Rail Suicide

Samaritans stop Rail Suicide

This powerful and surprising video by Samaritans tells how we each have the power to influence someone considering self-harm. Please watch, you could save a life.

DEN airport

Rider Wars

ELERTS can help keep riders on public transportation. Declining ridership is a serious concern of many transit agencies. Improving the quality-of-life for riders can help. Please enjoy this light-hearted video. And give us a call!