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London Attack Has Transits On High Alert – YOU Can Help

This morning we woke up to alerts on our mobile phones, announcing yet another terrorist attack in London. We live in dangerous times. With attacks happening around the world almost daily, it can make us feel helpless, as though there is nothing that can stop the bad guys. But the truth is, you can help. You have a powerful tool right in your hand.


There’s a reason that the apps we create are called ‘See Something Say Something.’ The use of crowd-sourcing to get early warning about safety and security incidents is powerful.  It goes well beyond just an idea or TV plot, like CBS’ new show, Wisdom of The Crowd. This is real life and mobile apps are really helping.


Today is a day that defines why ELERTS does what it does. Was London a test run or a poorly made bomb?  Time will tell.  Agencies we have spoken with are on high terror alert, including airports and transits. Initial attacks are often followed by another. Thankfully, our customers are using ELERTS app to warn their riders to be vigilant, and to report anything suspicious.  If your transit has a See Something Say Something app, please use it! Below is an image of our current transit agency customers, although more transits and other institutions are getting on board.  2-way communication is critical in a crisis. If you know a school, hospital, organization or transit that can benefit from such an app, let them know about ELERTS.


Your eyes and ears can make the difference. If we look back at the many incidents over the years – the Boston Marathon Bombing, the recent Barcelona bombing or any of the numerous London attacks this year – it is clear that early warning signs were there. If you see anything suspicious – an unattended bag, a lurker, a threatening individual, please report it. You are the key link between what’s happening on our streets, in our airports and in our transit systems, and the police who can help. 


We are dedicated to making it easy to report suspicious activity with our apps. For more information, please reach out.


All of us at ELERTS stand with London today, and with you, every day.


ELERTS is Committed to Client’s Success

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Trusted advisors to transit systems are known for  designing successful service launches, app rollouts, and best practices to engage the voice of the rider.

ELERTS is committed to each client’s success, from assisting with launch through product life, by offering advice on customized app creation, rollout, and promotion; reviewing current protocols; and suggesting best practices that other clients have found successful. ELERTS’ main mission is to ensure the purchased product works successfully, allowing the organizations to be safer entities.

Several meetings are held to monitor the process, and ELERTS’ customer service manager is in contact at all times to respond to questions and provide direction. That hands-on style allows ELERTS to help its clients best.

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Tips For Schools to Properly Communicate and Handle Active Threats

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The families of five Washington state high school students shot in a high school cafeteria in 2014 have settled a lawsuit against the school district’s insurance company for $18 million.  The settlement stems from a lawsuit alleging that a substitute teacher had been told of the possibility of a shooting but failed to alert school officials.

The cost of failing to report pertinent information goes beyond monetary implications, it includes the loss of lives, parents’ devastating loss of time with their children, the victims’ loss of a future and so much more.

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Text-a-Tip Alerts Integrated into Console

6a00d8341c630a53ef00e553c696a48833-800wiFree SMS text, a tip integrated, making it easy for dispatcher to reply.

Not all riders have a smartphone, but they may wish to report an incident anyway. ELERTS has included the functionality to Text-a-Tip by directing texts to a phone number that corresponds with dispatch. The tip will arrive at the EPICenter console, just as any other report would. The console operator can correspond through text with the reporter to gather more details and provide a response.

For more product information, click here.  To request a demo, click here.  Call 877-256-1971 or email support@elerts.com