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Customized Reports allow Riders to Target the most Important Transit Issues

Public TransitA custom list of report types encourages riders to submit reports targeting the most important transit issues.

ELERTS advises transit systems to keep their report options list precise and accurate. Riders initiate reports in less than twenty seconds; they then choose a report type, transportation means, and location along with details of the incident and photo/video. 

A precise list should include trending report types that occur, and underutilized reports can be eliminated. Ensuring the most critical issues are available will help riders choose the actual topic instead of “other” regularly. 

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Surveillance Cameras are Automatically Identified Near a Reported Incident

A-CCTV-security-cameraELERTS Video Forensics: Surveillance cameras are identified near a reported incident, along with time and date stamps, to watch live or assist with forensic investigations.

ELERTS’ patented technology can identify  the closet camera(s) to a live reported incident. An incoming report identifies the GPS location, and with that information, pre-mapped cameras are pinned with the incoming report. Authorities can immediately view live camera footage of the incident.

In addition, authorities can go back just as easily and review video for forensics evidence. The date and time stamps on the report can pull up the exact camera with ease.

There is no guesswork in identifying the camera. Each incident provides a date, time, and GPS stamp to utilize cameras with ease.  No matter how many cameras you use, this solution saves valuable time and energy.

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GPS Location is Automatically Identified on Incoming Reports

GPS-location-tracker-520x245The rider’s location is provided to the console operator with GPS map of location, photo, video, and incident description.

The GPS location is automatically identified. Police cannot respond if they are unable to identify where you are calling from. This ability sets ELERTS mobile reporting apps apart from the rest. First responders can respond with confidence – they know the location, removing any guesswork.

The app identifies the GPS location when a rider initiates a report. The report also includes photo/video and an incident description, all completed in less than twenty seconds.

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Crisis-Tested at Boston Marathon Bombing

runnersThe message gets through after mass-crisis testing at the Boston Marathon.  During the chaos immediately after the explosions, overloaded cellular networks led to failed calls and undeliverable text messages.  However, those who had downloaded MBTA’s See Say on their phones could communicate. In the middle of the mayhem, people at the finish line shared information and photos with police using ELERTS’ app, and that critical information was reviewed by law enforcement.

Continuous communication is imperative during a crisis, and ELERTS’ solution has proven effective in such circumstances.

ELERTS is changing the emergency response landscape by creating one of the most effective and robust public safety communication platforms through a mass notification system that utilizes smartphones. Using mobile technology to combine officially sourced emergency alerts with crowd-sourced reports, ELERTS is putting safety and security in the hands of smartphone users everywhere.

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