Airports: Give problems an
early departure.

Put our See Say® reporting solution in the hands of your employees, tenants, and passengers to get earlier awareness of safety, security, and customer experience issues.

Why offer See Say at your airport?

#1 Insider Threats

Awareness of mental health or behavioral issues among employees can enable you to investigate and provide support services if appropriate. See Say gives coworkers a discreet, anonymous way to speak up so that insider threats can be addressed before they lead to safety concerns.

Improve customer experience

Better awareness of customer issues means you’ll be able to address problems sooner, minimize negative impressions, and cut down on unfavorable social media posts. Opening more lines of communication helps ensure top-notch experiences in the future.

Make helping an easy habit

See Say Airport can make submitting helpful suggestions easier for employees and tenants. Building a habit of reporting minor (but important) issues makes it easier to remember what to do when more serious situations occur.

Provide simple, real-time reporting

People are in a hurry at an airport. See Say offers employees and travelers a simple way to report a problem on their terms without needing to make a lengthy phone call or radio call. Plus, it gives dispatchers actionable details, photo/videos, location, and a description so they can proactively address problems as they are identified.

Be aware of the most common airport issues:

Safety and Security

When employees, tenants, and passengers are equipped with See Say, your airport operations center learns about concerns sooner and can take action before situations escalate.

  • Safety hazards
  • Unruly or threatening persons
  • Insider threats
  • Trespasser or security concerns
  • Airfield safety issues
  • Access control violations

Maintenance concerns

Maintenance issues are inevitable. Knowing when and where they exist at the earliest possible stage helps you solve the problem more efficiently.

  • Overflowing trash
  • Restroom cleanliness
  • Non-functioning power outlets
  • Runway safety issues
  • Escalator/elevator out of service
  • Spill or slip conditions

Suspicious activity

Learn about suspicious items and persons instantly with photos, location, and information.

  • Unattended bags and packages
  • Unusual behaviors
  • Suspicious vehicles

Meet our clients.

Our versatile platform delivers awareness to some of the world’s largest, most active airports – and aligns with the needs of smaller airports, too.

Awareness is everything.

And with our See Say platform, it’s simple. Want to learn more? See how it works here.

See Say Platform

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