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Our public safety systems provide two-way communications, geo-targeted alerts, high resolution photography, and confirmed message delivery. ELERTS systems can help any campus, hospital, company, transit system, city or other organization improve overall public safety.

ELERTS is working to change the public safety landscape. By organizing and prioritizing crowd-sourced reports and official alerts, ELERTS ensures that responders will be better prepared for the situation they are attempting to resolve.

ELERTS Features Include:

Incident Reports: students, passengers, employees or any other users can quickly & quietly ‘say something’ when they ‘see something.’   Complete with high-resolution photos, GPS location, and user descriptions, security gets critical information needed to formulate a better response.

Safety Alerts:  In addition to receiving reports, security can use ELERTS to push notifications to users – including safety, security, emergency or drill information.

Two-way communication: All reports & alerts are just the beginning of the process.   Security can ask for more information from reporters, and users can ask for clarification or provide information solicited from an alert, such as ‘Be On The Lookout’ or ‘Missing Persons’ alerts.

Photos: capture and share photos taken with high resolution smartphone cameras. These can be shared with both security professionals and others who are nearby.

GPS & Mapping: Google Maps show where users are in relation to a particular emergency scene or area of interest. Appropriate notifications or alerts can be sent based on where an incident has occurred or where people are located. Dispatchers may transmit situation and location-specific evacuation maps to smartphone users, based on where they are located.

Check-In: “Here I am, I’m OK”. Smartphone users have the ability to quickly send a message to friends and family when nearby an incident. Their message includes a map of where they are now.

EscortMe: allows smartphone users to be digitally escorted. Security is dispatched only when a user triggers a distress signal. GPS allows security professionals to see exactly where the user is at the time the signal was transmitted.