Smarter Cities: Awareness is everything to ensure
a clean, safe community.

Give stakeholders, workers, residents, and visitors in your community an easier way to inform you of safety, security, and maintenance issues so you can address concerns and maintain your high standards.

The benefits of downtown See Say®:

Make downtown safer

When your downtown makes a good impression, it leads to increased future visits, business, and a positive reputation. Better awareness of what’s going on will help you deliver on your city’s aspirations for a cleaner, safer, more enjoyable, and more productive community.

Enhance quality of life for all

Many cities have a population of vulnerable or homeless people. Having awareness of persons needing assistance, persons experiencing mental health issues, and homeless encampments helps cities and social services provide support for people in need.

Engage with stakeholders

See Say helps you foster a community of awareness among those who care about your city or town, such as tenants at office buildings and retail shops, hotels, residents, and more.

Improve guest experience

With increased awareness of problems in your district, you can take action before issues escalate and ensure your downtown is always worthy of repeat visitors.

Community engagement

Not only does our See Say platform bring attention to issues, it can spark members of the community to engage and be part of the solution for your smart city.

Stay aware of common downtown issues:

Safety and security

When people in your community use See Say, they will send you a description of the problem they see, photos, and GPS location so you can take action before the situation escalates.

  • Criminal activity
  • Vulnerable persons
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Unruly or threatening people


A large percentage of a district’s annual budget is typically spent on maintenance and cleaning service. Knowing when and where maintenance or custodial issues are at the earliest possible stage will help you solve problems more efficiently.

  • Trash and litter
  • Landscaping required
  • Vandalism repairs
  • Traffic disruptions
  • Lighting outages

Meet our clients.

With increased awareness, cities all over North America have used our versatile platform to create safer, cleaner communities. 

Awareness is everything.

And with our See Say platform, it’s simple. Want to learn more? See how it works here.

See Say Platform

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