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Give your passengers access to the ELERTS See Say® platform, and they’ll become your eyes and ears on every bus, train, van, and property—helping you respond more rapidly to safety, maintenance, and customer experience issues.

Why offer See Say at your transit agency?

#1 Transit Workers Assaults

It’s time for riders to have your drivers’ backs. The sooner you’re aware of disruptive passengers, threats, or other safety issues, the better chance you have to protect your operators and front-line workers from harm. Minutes matter when a transit worker assault is in motion. We can help.

Improve passenger experience

Making sure your customers are satisfied will keep them coming back. With early awareness of customer experience issues, you can address problems sooner so passengers can enjoy a safer, more comfortable ride.

Put the brakes on negative feedback

When riders have an easy, more efficient way to communicate concerns, your agency can reduce reputation-damaging posts on social media as well as costly phone calls to customer service.

Add See Say to your ticketing app

ELERTS has partnered with leading fare payment vendors who have integrated See Say into their mobile apps—including Bytemark, Cubic, Moovel, Moovit, Unwire, and more. The See Say SDK (Software Development Kit) can be integrated into your existing app— which leads to easier reporting for riders and more awareness for you.

Stay aware of common transit concerns:

Safety & Security

When concerned passengers and employees communicate with See Say, they send you a description of what’s going on, photos or video, and the location so you can put the brakes on situations before they escalate into something more serious.

  • Safety hazards
  • Disruptive passengers
  • Physical/verbal assaults (including operator assaults)
  • Alcohol and drugs
  • Trespassers and rail safety
  • Suspected human trafficking

Maintenance concerns

Immediately knowing when and where maintenance problems exist enables more efficient problem solving.

  • Trash/cleanliness issues
  • Vandalism/Broken glass
  • Broken equipment or seating
  • Spills or slip hazards

Customer experience

See Say lets people report what’s on their minds when they encounter a negative customer experience – giving you details to make it right.

  • Service issues
  • Negative employee interactions
  • Transit property conditions
  • Harassment

Meet our clients.

Our versatile platform delivers awareness to transit agencies in major cities—as well as smaller cities—across North America.

Awareness is everything.

And with our See Say platform, it’s simple. Want to learn more? See how it works here.

See Say Platform

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