See Say SDK (Software Development Kit)

Add incident reporting to e-ticketing and trip planning apps

Does your organization already have a mobile app such as an e-ticketing app or a trip-planning app? Integrating the See Say SDK into your existing app is an easy way to put the functionality of ELERTS See Say platform into the hands of your passengers and employees. Your developers can add a “Report a Problem” or “See Something Say Something” button to your app that launches the ELERTS incident reporting functionality. Combining functionality into an all-in-one app is convenient for app users.

Benefits of adding the See Say SDK to your existing app:

  • Leverage your installed base of app users
  • Offer enhanced safety & security to passengers and employees
  • Allow your app users to report safety or customer service concerns directly to your organization
  • Reduce negative complaints posted to social media
  • Reports sent from the See Say SDK are managed by ELERTS EPICenter console

Download the ELERTS See Say SDK Implementation Guidelines
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