ELERTS offers two mobile solutions that change the way educators and students respond to threatening or suspicious events. Coupled with ALICE Training, www.alicetraining.com ELERTS Event Alert™ and ELERTS See Say™ provide the academic community with a new standard of care. Designed for iPhones, iPads, and Android smartphones.

ELERTS Event Alert™ for Teachers

Event Alert™ allows authorized personnel and First Responders to communicate real-time security concerns through a smartphone app


  • Sharing: Transmits bi-directional information in seconds
  • Action: Can initiate a Lockdown with the press of a button
  • Options: Also offers Shelter in Place and Evacuate commands
  • Reporting: Text message, photos, and GPS map add context
  • Speed: Police see reports on their devices and can respond faster
  • Status: App includes “SkyWriter” for personal safety updates

    • In-hand broadcast channel works anywhere with cellular or WiFi service
    • Establishes a contained network for discreet communication
    • Supports situational response protocol as advocated by ALICE
    • Serves as a deterrent against bullying, vandalism and crime
    • Managed through a web console so no hardware installation needed
    • Can integrate with Access Control to lock doors and limit swipe cards

    Download the app

    ELERTS Event Alert™ for iOS
    ELERTS Event Alert™ for Android

ELERTS See Say™ for Students

ELERTS See Say™ is designed for larger facilities and can include staff and students, providing a fast, easy way to report security concerns without proximity to an alarm system or call box.


  • Reporting: Drop-down menu makes Report Type selection easy
  • Crowd-Sourcing: Message, photo, GPS map inform Security Dispatchers
  • Broadcast: Warnings can be broadcast to all students who use the app
  • Administration: The ELERTS EPICenter web console manages Reports
  • Alerts: ELERTS EPICenter allows 2-way chat with sender of original report
  • Virtual Monitoring: Users can activate “Escort Me” by pressing a button
    • Encourages students to be vigilant
    • Empowers students to take action
    • Handles situation with minimal resources
    • Enables ongoing bi-directional dialogue
    • Utilizes popular device already in hand
    • Can integrate with Video Surveillance Systems

    School safety is everyone’s responsibility.

    Download the app

    ELERTS See Say™ for iOS
    ELERTS See Say™ for Android

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