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request demoHospitals, by nature of their open structure and accessibility to the public, are magnets for unpredictable or threatening events.

Now staff and security personnel can report and receive information during a volatile situation just by using their smartphones. With real-time alerts, photos and GPS mapping, the quality and speed of emergency communication is greatly enhanced – as is potential response time.

When a mobile alerting system is integrated with Video Management Systems, the results are even more powerful.


The ELERTS See Say app puts an easy-to-use safety resource in hand regardless of location: parking lot, corridors, ER or lounge – anywhere cellular or WiFi service is enabled.
ELERTS See Say App


  • Works on iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones
  • 2 bold buttons to Call Police or Report a Problem
  • Lets Security broadcast emergency alerts to individuals or groups
  • Lets staff send messages with photos and GPS map
  • Includes EscortMe for virtual security escorts
  • Includes Check-In for personal safety status


  • Deploys rapidly
  • No impact on IT Departments
  • Easily managed through a web console
  • Maintains communication during changing situations
  • Adds human intelligence to video analytics
  • Tangible asset for employee retention


Report a hazard. Document a practice.

Hospital Facilities Managers can also use ELERTS See Say to comply with Environment of Care, Emergency Management, and Life Safety mandates by using their smartphones to:

  • Document Joint Commission issues
  • Test emergency communication
  • Add a mobile layer to safety protocol


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