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When an active shooter or bomb threat appears at a school, time is critical. What happens in the first minute or two will strongly impact the outcome. Rapid alerting is important to provide situation awareness to the school resource officer, school staff and local police. ELERTS Event Alert ™ is a robust emergency alert system app that enables any staff member to share safety and security concerns. Working together and communicating, school staff can better respond to whatever the threat is. ELERTS Event Alert™ provides schools with a new standard of care. Designed for iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones, Windows, Mac and Chromebook computers.

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ELERTS Event Alert™

Event Alert™ allows Teachers, School Resource Officers (SRO) and First Responders to communicate real-time security concerns through a school alert app.


Sharing: Transmits bi-directional information in seconds

Action: Can initiate a Lockdown with the press of a button

Options: Also offers Shelter in Place and Evacuate commands

Reporting: Text message, photos, and GPS map add context

Speed: Police see reports on their devices and can respond faster

Status: App includes “Check-In” for personal safety updates


  • In-hand broadcast channel works anywhere with cellular or WiFi service
  • Establishes a contained network for discreet communication
  • Serves as a deterrent against bullying, vandalism and crime
  • Managed through a web console so no hardware installation needed
  • Can integrate with Access Control to lock doors and limit swipe cards


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ELERTS Event Alert™ for iOS
ELERTS Event Alert™ for Android

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