How does the app work?
The public can do their part to help make the System safer for all by sending detailed reports directly to a dispatcher, whenever a concern or incident is observed.
From the app home screen, there are two easy options for contacting a dispatcher:
Press the “Report a Problem” button to send a description of the issue with a photo or video, directly to the dispatcher. When reporting a problem, you may select from an easy drop-down menus for Report Type and Report Location, to assist dispatchers in assessing the situation. We recommend including a photo or video along with your report.
The “Call POLICE” button will place a phone call either directly to a dispatcher or 911.

Should I allow Location permissions on the app?
Yes, allowing the dispatcher to receive your location along with your report, will help the dispatcher to respond to your report more efficiently.

What happens when connectivity isn’t available?
If you send a report in an area without cellular or wifi connectivity, it will be stored. The app will try to send your message in the background when your device is connected again. For iPhone users, your message may be sent sooner if you open the app on your phone.

Can I send an anonymous report?
Yes, you can. There is a button that you press if you wish to send an anonymous report.

What happens when I send in a report as “TEST-THIS IS ONLY A TEST?
The purpose of this report type is for the app user to become familiar with the app without contacting the dispatcher. The intent is for people to become familiar with the app.

GPS Accuracy?
Locations marked on the map for Alerts indicate an approximate location. GPS accuracy may vary.