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ELERTS Corp and The Transit & Paratransit Company (TAPTCO) have formed a strategic alliance to promote each other’s complementary products that combined help transit agencies achieve 100% compliance with the new FTA Safety Management System requirements.

Jeff Cassell, President of TAPTCO, explained, “Our new operator training courses cover most of the new FTA requirements, but there is one important area we do not cover. Agencies are required to operate an Employee Safety Reporting Program, referred to as an ESRP. ELERTS has created a new version of their mobile reporting software product called ELERTS ESRP that allows transit employees to use an App on their phones to alert management of any safety concerns, and indeed any issues that would improve performance of the transportation.”

ELERTS ESRP makes the reporting of any issues immediate and easy to do. The system memorializes what has been reported, together with details of the actions taken to deal with the safety issues raised.

Ed English, the CEO of ELERTS Corp, added,  “The ELERTS mobile reporting system is already used by transit agencies throughout North America and it provides the most effective Employee Safety Reporting System possible. When a transit employee identifies a safety concern, all they have to do is click on the app on their phone, type the details in and hit send. They can report issues anonymously if they wish. This really closes the gap between the operators who work day to day in the field and the management who have the power to act and correct any safety concerns.”

Many of our clients are also using the TAPTCO training courses and we recognize that the four areas of the FTA required Safety Management System would be covered completely by combining our two products. In examining the TAPTCO training materials, they are outstanding and the feedback we receive from agencies we work with is very positive.”

Cassell added “These new requirements from the FTA make great sense and if implemented correctly will help the transit industry operate far safer. We expect agencies will implement these requirements to the strength and depth they are intended and not just do the minimum possible. We believe the ELERTS system creates the most effective ESRP.”

“Combining and applying our two products makes FTA compliance easy, thorough, and at a very reasonable cost.”  added Ed English.

For more information or to arrange a demonstration webinar on either or both products, contact Glen Sugimoto at ELERTS (877-256-1971 or e-mail or Maureen/Donna    (855-963-3900,

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