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The ELERTS solution is cited for reporting suspected human trafficking in the DOT “Combatting Human Trafficking in the Transportation Sector” final report.  Crowdsourced information is an important resource in stopping human trafficking.  ELERTS system is being used by transit agencies to educate the public about human trafficking and to receive reports of potential human trafficking from passengers and employees.

The FTA recently announced Innovations In Transit Public Safety, a new grant funding opportunity of up to $2M.  Public transit agencies, eligible non-profits, or consortiums can apply for a minimum of $25,000 by submitting a complete application through  by May 28, 2019.

As a private provider engaged in public transportation, ELERTS is eligible to be a partner in your Innovations in Transit Public Safety funding application.

With ELERTS’ mobile incident reporting platform, you can address all three of the FTA’s program goals:

  1. Identify innovative solutions to reduce or eliminate Human Trafficking on transit systems
  2. Protect transit operators from the risk of assault
  3. Reduce crime on public transit vehicles and in facilities

Please contact ELERTS if you would like to receive: a helpful checklist with templates to guide you in completing the application.



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ELERTS incident reporting solution provides passengers with a quick and discreet way to report potential Human Trafficking or driver assault issues using their mobile phone. ELERTS also provides anti-crime features and many transit agencies already use ELERTS as their incident reporting solution.

Human trafficking is modern-day slavery and involves the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act. The transportation industry is taking a united stand to stop the flow of human trafficking through America’s transportation system. Being alert for signs of trafficking and reporting it quickly is key to stopping human trafficking. Passengers have submitted hundreds of Human Trafficking reports with ELERTS’ See Say app.

ELERTS makes it easy to report Human Trafficking when you don’t want to make a phone call. See some real examples of human trafficking reports submitted using ELERTS mobile app. To learn how ELERTS can help your organization fight trafficking, please email or call 877-256-1971.

Alert transportation employees and passengers can make a difference.

Crowdsourced Situational Awareness

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