Crisis-Tested at Boston Marathon Bombing

July 7, 2017

runnersThe message gets through after mass-crisis testing at the Boston Marathon.  During the chaos immediately after the explosions, overloaded cellular networks led to failed calls and undeliverable text messages.  However, those who had downloaded MBTA’s See Say on their phones could communicate. In the middle of the mayhem, people at the finish line shared information and photos with police using ELERTS’ app, and that critical information was reviewed by law enforcement.

Continuous communication is imperative during a crisis, and ELERTS’ solution has proven effective in such circumstances.

ELERTS is changing the emergency response landscape by creating one of the most effective and robust public safety communication platforms through a mass notification system that utilizes smartphones. Using mobile technology to combine officially sourced emergency alerts with crowd-sourced reports, ELERTS is putting safety and security in the hands of smartphone users everywhere.

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Crowdsourced Situational Awareness

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