ELERTS EPICenter Highly Intuitive, Web-Based Management Console Requires No Hardware or Software

July 24, 2017


elerts-pcELERTS EPICenter console is a highly intuitive, web-based management console; no hardware or software is required. It is designed for ease of use, and minimal operator training is required.

ELERTS EPICenter is web-based so there is no hardware required.  Console operators access ELERTS EPICenter via the web, eradicating additional hardware and software costs as well as eliminating software updates and patches. ELERTS EPICenter is safe and secure and provides 24/7 access from anywhere there is an Internet connection, ensuring you never miss a report.

Other features include:

  • Role-based console operators: admin, dispatcher, restricted operator.
  • Notifying dispatch manager if an incident is not handled within a defined time.
  • ELERTS Never-Miss Strobe Light indicates when the console receives a new incident report.
  • ELERTS e-Scanner allows managers to receive incident reports on phones.
  • Forwarding incident reports to local police.
  • Messaging defined groups’ staff, security, operations, and maintenance.
  • Categorizing recipients based on report type such as maintenance, vandalism, or attack.
  • FREE SMS Text-a-Tip displays the same as other incoming reports.
  • Summary reports based on report type.

For more product information, click here.  To request a demo, click here.  Call 877-256-1971 or email support@elerts.com




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