ELERTS platform gives transit agencies 100% compliance with federal rule, boosting safety through employee empowerment

March 5, 2021

WEYMOUTH, Mass. – The Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) mandate that all U.S. public transportation operators have an Employee Safety Reporting Program (ESRP) in place will be enforced beginning July 21, 2021 – the beginning of enforcement having been delayed due to COVID-19. ELERTS ESRP is a simple solution that delivers 100% compliance with this requirement, does more with less and is easy to deploy. 

The ESRP can be a transit agency’s most important source of safety information. Transit agencies have many existing ways to report safety hazards/issues, but the diversity of methods — including paper forms, phone calls, two-way radio, emails and more – makes it very difficult for agencies to do the trend analysis that FTA demands.

ELERTS ESRP is the easiest to use software package on the market that provides agencies with 100% compliance with the federal ESRP rule with no additional configuration. Not only that, but ELERTS ESRP lets its users go above and beyond basic compliance by putting a wealth of safety data gathered by multiple methods at supervisors’ and managers’ fingertips in one easy-to-use console with a multitude of data collection and reporting features. 

When an employee of an agency using ELERTS ESRP sees a safety concern, they can simply enter the details into the ELERTS app on their phone and hit ‘Send.’ Reports can be submitted anonymously and can include a photo or video. Over 30 North American transit agencies already use ELERTS’ See Say® mobile reporting solution and rave about its robustness and ease of use for both the employee or rider submitting a report and the supervisor or manager receiving and responding to it.

ELERTS ESRP streamlines and simplifies the management of safety hazard data received and helps employees feel empowered to do their part to help keep the transit system safe. The ELERTS console makes it easy for supervisors and managers to respond to employee reports and to analyze the reports over time, giving agencies the tools they need to comply with the new FTA regulation (part of the Public Transportation Agency Safety Plan rule, Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations, Part 673).  

100% compliance with the new rules starts with awareness of unsafe or potentially hazardous conditions and situations. Transit agencies cannot fix safety problems or address recurring deficiencies if they are not aware of them and have no sense of their temporal or geographic distribution. ELERTS ESRP lets transit agencies do all that and more while being 100% compliant with new federal rules.

ELERTS is a Massachusetts-based software company that provides a mobile reporting platform for airports, mass transit, cities and other organizations. The company was founded in 2010 on the belief that while “See Something, Say Something” is easy to understand, it is too often not so easy to report a concern. By deploying mobile technology that enables crowd-sourced incident reporting, ELERTS is putting safety and security in the hands of smartphone users everywhere.

For further information, visit www.elerts.com, call 877-256-1971, or email info@elerts.com



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