HI+AI: Human Intuition Plus Artificial Intelligence

May 12, 2022

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HI or Human Intuition is a formidable sensor for situational awareness.

Human minds and senses have evolved and improved over 300,000 years. That’s 3,000 centuries! We the people have hunches based on what we see and hear. Our “Spidey sense” starts tingling.

Humans automatically sense slight nuances and disparities around us. When observations are collected on a mass scale, crowdsourcing becomes a weapon of mass intelligence.

There are approximately 86 billion neurons in the human brain. Often, people trying to grasp the enormity of that number say it’s “equal to the number of stars in the Milky Way galaxy”. Not quite, but close. Scientists’ latest estimate says there are 200 to 400 billion stars in the Milky Way. However, consider the comparison to a bus-full of brains, or a transit system-full of brains. Or an airport-full of brains. No contest! Suddenly the Milky Way looks like a grain of sand on the beach of Human Intelligence!

Situational awareness is a key component of any safety plan. The FTA has outlined its priorities regarding the historic $108B in transportation funding (BIL) being distributed to transit authorities over the next 5 years.

Safety is not a luxury. Ridership is still significantly down from Covid-19. For people to return to public transportation in large numbers, they must feel safe. What transportation authority wouldn’t want this massive intelligence source contributing to its situational awareness and helping to make people feel safe?

SILICON-FREE Mass-Intelligence


AI is Artificial Intelligence, a growing field of sensor solutions plus computer algorithms deployed to distill pseudo intelligence from technological inputs received. Certainly, AI is impressive in how rapidly it has improved, yet consider this. Computational intelligence is no older than the first commercially available microprocessor which was the Intel 4004, born in 1971. AI is a mere baby compared to the human brain!

AI and video analytics have great use cases in automating certain surveillance tasks, such as motion detection, geo-fence penetration, pattern recognition, people counting, facial recognition and more. AI computer systems work tirelessly on their tasks, never resting nor diminishing their results from fatigue. However, false positives are always an issue with AI.

In crowded, dynamic environments like mass transportation and airports, video analytics struggle to recognize bad intentions and subtle hints spoken or displayed by bad actors. When hundreds or thousands of people are walking through an area it is easy for AI to miss a subtle clue. That’s where Human Intuition comes in to play, to fortify an organization’s situational awareness.

Critical infrastructure like public transportation and airports need protection. Organizations have tried to defeat threat penetrations even before the invention of the moat around the castle. Layered solutions are the best solutions. Combining different tools and capabilities to solve problems makes perfect sense. Each tool has its strengths and gaps. Why not enhance your organization’s situational awareness by combining the best of both worlds, HI+AI?

Hal would approve.
And ELERTS will deliver the HI to your HQ.


Crowdsourced Situational Awareness

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