Surveillance Cameras are Automatically Identified Near a Reported Incident

July 17, 2017

A-CCTV-security-cameraELERTS Video Forensics: Surveillance cameras are identified near a reported incident, along with time and date stamps, to watch live or assist with forensic investigations.

ELERTS’ patented technology can identify  the closet camera(s) to a live reported incident. An incoming report identifies the GPS location, and with that information, pre-mapped cameras are pinned with the incoming report. Authorities can immediately view live camera footage of the incident.

In addition, authorities can go back just as easily and review video for forensics evidence. The date and time stamps on the report can pull up the exact camera with ease.

There is no guesswork in identifying the camera. Each incident provides a date, time, and GPS stamp to utilize cameras with ease.  No matter how many cameras you use, this solution saves valuable time and energy.

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