Combating Operator Assaults. ELERTS speaks @ APTA Safety in Seattle

December 3, 2019

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ELERTS CEO discusses Combatting Operator Assaults with crowd-sourcing at APTA Safety conference in Seattle.

The APTA Safety Seminar provides an opportunity for Safety professionals in public transportation to discuss pertinent safety issues as well as learn from Federal and state partners, network, and gain important knowledge on safety issues. Best practices are shared by transit agencies and business members throughout the country in regards to Safety Management Systems (SMS), Safety Culture, Operator Assaults, APTA Standards, Fare Evasion, Cybersecurity, and Trespassing Awareness. 

“The best safety solution is multi-layered. Enabling passengers to help keep operators safe.”
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Operator Assaults, Bus Shields, Symposium and Data

This session focuses on the growing issue of operator assaults and solutions for reducing these occurrences. Hear from top industry leaders and transit agencies about the success of current programs, and campaigns targeted at improving operator safety.


  • Lisa Staes, Chair, Bus Safety Committee; Director, Transit Safety and Workforce Development Programs, Center for Urban Transportation Research/College of Engineering, Tampa, FL


  • Ed Watt, Director of Special Projects, Amalgamated Transit Union, Silver Spring, MD
  • Ed English, CEO, ELERTS Corporation, Weymouth, MA
  • Eric Muntan, Chief of Safety and Security, Miami-Dade Transit, Miami, FL

APTA Safety Seminar, Seattle WA, December 2019


Crowdsourced Situational Awareness

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