We’re settling into our new offices here in Weymouth, MA and are excited about it as a sign of our Company’s growth. It’s always interesting trying to find new space that fits your dev team, sales team and executive team – I’ve been through it enough to know the sorts of layouts that foster the “all for one, one for all” team culture that we want as a company. It’s not always easy to find an office that meets the typical startup needs:

  • Open layout
  • Central location for employees
  • Welcoming design such as big windows, enough lights, pleasant colors
  • Ample and affordable parking or public transportation

We were lucky enough to find not only an office space with all of these attributes, but one that also has a cool design that mimics what we’re trying to accomplish here at ELERTS: directing traffic to some extent. Our new digs look like an air traffic control tower, and essentially that’s what we’re trying to do: direct the flow of public safety reports for our nation’s transit systems. With the MBTA See Say app we developed for Boston’s Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA), and others on the horizon that we hope to be able to share with you soon, we are well on our way.

And it’s more fun in a unique office that inspires us with such a cool atmosphere. Just sayin’!

Check out our new digs, below – what do you think?


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