ELERTS Chosen for Airport Security Shark Tank

December 5, 2017

Weymouth, MA – Dec 4, 2017 – ELERTS Corp, the leading provider of See Something Say Something mobile apps for transportation agencies, announced that it has been chosen to present at The Airport Shark Tank at the 17th Annual Aviation Security Summit December 5-6 in Arlington, Virginia. The Airport Shark Tank is an opportunity for innovators to test their security products on stage and be judged by leaders in the airport industry. ELERTS will have five minutes to present its pitch in the Airport Shark Tank, followed by five minutes of questions from four judges.

ELERTS provides crowdsourced, incident-reporting mobile apps that are solving the important problem of making the popular See Something, Say Something campaigns more actionable – empowering employees and the public to easily and anonymously report safety and security concerns to police. Major transit agencies – from Boston to Atlanta, Dallas to San Francisco and Toronto – already use ELERTS mobile apps to report security problems and operate more safely. The power of crowdsourcing is demonstrated daily in security operation centers with the ELERTS See Say app – in fact, Toronto’s SafeTTC app, powered by ELERTS, was recently credited with helping lead to three arrests.

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Situation awareness is crucial to airport security teams as well. Airports are big targets as they face increasingly complex security concerns, declining security budgets and slow moving government roadmaps to modernize the security infrastructure. Public safety requires police to quickly observe, detect and mitigate threats. The Department of Homeland Security, the TSA and other authorities urge the public to be vigilant and to report suspicious activity. Security teams are unable to respond until they know where a problem is occurring. Early warning can help stop an incident. Even 60 seconds advance notice can change the outcome of an airport attack.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA), police and security teams are spread thin – they cannot do it all alone, or even with K9s. K9 units are in place at airports to serve a single important purpose, to sniff and detect explosive substances. While people cannot smell explosive traces in the air, they are experts at noticing many different types of threats. With ELERTS, airports today can empower thousands of workers, vendors, and customers to report a security concern discreetly in 20 seconds or less.

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“Airport security authorities have to keep safe both public and sterile areas. They face multiple internal and external threats and challenges that can thwart their efforts. Airports protect many entities, vendors and customers over an expansive territory. The more eyes and ears helping to report suspicious behavior, the better,” said Ed English, CEO, ELERTS. “In a world where airports, their workers and patrons are targets for terrorism and other crimes, our easy-to-use app is a lean and affordable addition to airport defenses – making See Something Say Something more actionable by enabling the public to communicate quickly with police when something suspicious is observed or overheard. We’re confident the Airport Shark Tank judges will agree that ELERTS is a must-have for today’s security-driven airports.”

Key app features include:

Incident reporting – including a photo/video and description of what is being observed, along with the GPS location of the problem.
Discretion – app users may send reports anonymously – and the smartphone flash is automatically turned off when taking a photo.
Two-way communication – Police dispatchers may ask questions or provide instructions to the app user.
BOLO alerts – “Be On the Look Out” messages may be sent to all app users to help locate a person of interest being sought – such as a missing person, known threat or criminal suspect.

ELERTS develops best-in-class emergency communication software, empowered by community-sourced reporting of safety and security concerns. The company is the leading provider to transit agencies for See Something Say Something apps. ELERTS cloud-based approach leverages smartphone technologies to provide robust, bidirectional communication between multiple parties. ELERTS mobile technology integrates with video surveillance, access control and mass-notification systems to provide actionable information for first responders.

With headquarters in Weymouth, Mass., ELERTS can be reached by 877-256-1971 or connect with us on the web at:
• ELERTS.com
• ELERTS blog
• Twitter: @ELERTSCorp


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