ELERTS Event Alert™ Panic Button device provides immediate notification in an emergency

December 5, 2016

Persons in distress can trigger an alert for help quickly and discreetly.

(Weymouth, MA) December 8, 2016 – ELERTS Corporation is pleased to introduce the ELERTS Panic Button, the latest addition to its Event Alert™ system. The panic button is a hardware device that provides a person in distress with a quick and easy way to summon help during an emergency situation.

Panic buttons have been in use for years. Panic buttons in banks and convenience stores allow employees to trigger an alert to police or security personnel during a robbery. Wearable medical alert buttons provide peace of mind for elderly who live alone. Car key fobs have a designated button that will set off a car’s alarm siren.

Panic USB2Button words x350_200_431The ELERTS Panic Button device connects via USB to a Windows PC that is running the ELERTS Event Alert™ application for Windows. The easy-to-use device has two buttons. Pressing the red button will quietly send an emergency message to others in the facility and security personnel. People and police receive the alert on their phones or computers. ELERTS Panic button also provides a blue button to exercise and test the communication system.

“Alerting others when trouble first appears is critical. The addition of the new panic button demonstrates ELERTS’ continuing commitment to provide additional trigger capabilities for emergency communications,” said Ed English, ELERTS CEO. “Persons in high vulnerability locations, such as a receptionist in the main lobby, may need to react very quickly if a threat appears. By allowing the simple press of a panic button to summon help, ELERTS Event Alert™ system can immediately notify others in the building, security, or police.”

ELERTS Event Alert™ is a two-way communication system that enables people working at a school, company or other organization to share situational awareness during an active threat. Potential victims can make better decisions as to how to respond when real-time details about the threat are known. The Event Alert application is available to smartphone users, and Windows and Mac computer users. Event Alert™ can also be used to run and record practice drills that emulate lockdowns and evacuations.


ELERTS Corporation, headquartered in Weymouth, MA, develops best-in-class emergency communication software, empowered by community-sourced reporting of safety and security concerns. The company’s cloud-based approach leverages smartphone technologies to provide robust, bidirectional communication between multiple parties. ELERTS mobile technology integrates with video surveillance, access control and mass-notification systems. The result is actionable information for emergency situations — to help first responders become faster responders.

For more information, visit www.ELERTS.com or call 877-256-1971.


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