ELERTS will be Sponsoring at the Global Public Transport Summit 2017 show in Montréal, Canada

May 12, 2017

(Weymouth, MA) — ELERTS is honored to be a sponsor of the Global Public Transport Summit 2017 show to be held May 15-17th in Montréal, Canada. ELERTS 2-way crowd-sourced incident notification solution will be presented.  ELERTS provides the #1 See Say mobile phone app utilized by many of the mass transits.  Smartphones are everywhere; incoming information from smartphones makes a critical difference to responding personnel. The utilization of crowd-sourced reporting is an innovative approach to 21st-century transit policing.

“ELERTS understands the need for crowd-sourced incident reporting. The police can’t do it alone. Twenty-first century policing requires the community’s participation in public safety. There is no better sensor for security threats than an eyewitness who sees or overhears a threat,” says Ed English, ELERTS CEO. “Transit agencies of all sizes are using ELERTS’ See Say communication platform to enhance safety.”

ELERTS’ See Say™ was developed to enable the crowd-sourcing of safety and security concerns from riders. When riders see a potentially threatening situation, with the click of a button, they can:  1) directly call the police or 2) discretely submit a report with a photo, video, incident description and GPS coordinates. The camera flash is disabled to avoid drawing attention to the rider. Riders may also choose to submit a report anonymously.

The ELERTS See Say app is branded for each transit agency. It enables riders to engage in crowd-sourced reporting, providing immediate situational awareness throughout the system. When transit agencies publicize the availability of this app for increased rider safety, they encourage riders to think twice about their own behavior. 

More information about the Global Public Transport Summit 2017 can be found here.  For more information about ELERTS transit solution, please click here.



Crowdsourced Situational Awareness

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