Managing Homeless, Vulnerable, and Migrant Persons

February 6, 2024

Welcome to the “Managing Homeless, Vulnerable, and Migrant Persons” webinar, a crucial discussion convened by the Texas Transit Association. Today, we bring together a distinguished panel of industry experts: Ed English, CEO of ELERTS, Ken Divers, Director of Outreach Programs at SEPTA, and Keith Leighton, Senior Director of Risk Assessment at COTA.

Our panelists delve into the pressing issue of unsheltered individuals seeking refuge within transit properties—encompassing vehicles, stations, and bus shelters. Throughout this session, our speakers will shed light on innovative solutions and practical tools that transit agencies are currently employing to perform wellness checks and offer assistance to these individuals in need.

A vital element of these strategies is the synergy between effective communication, meticulous data collection, and collaborative partnerships with various organizations. Join us as we explore these essential topics, aimed at enhancing the support systems within our transit agencies for some of the most vulnerable members of our communities.


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