Welcome to the 2018 ELERTS Transit Agency Security Grant. 

Application deadline is December 14, 2018

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    In 2018, the Department of Homeland Security awarded Transit Security Grant Program (TGSP) funding to 20 public transit agencies, to protect critical surface transportation and the traveling public. Obviously, many more transit agencies did not receive DHS funding. ELERTS Transit Agency Security Grant is intended to enhance safety and security at selected transit agencies that did not receive TSGP funding.

    When security or safety concerns are observed, it is imperative that transit agencies receive information quickly from riders and employees. Yet, many people will not make a phone call to authorities if they feel it will delay them or burden them to be more involved than they want to be. Riders and employees need an easy and immediate way to report concerns, other than making a phone call.

    ELERTS provides state-of-the-art 2-way crowd-sourced incident reporting solutions for transit agencies, airports and cities.

    10 transit agencies will be chosen to receive ELERTS Security Grant Program. Selected agencies will be awarded a no-cost, two-year license for ELERTS EPICenter incident management console with Text-A-Tip service to help keep the transit safe. An unlimited number of riders and employees may use their mobile phones to submit incident reports with photos and to engage in 2-way chat with a transit dispatcher. The console enables direct communication with other transit agencies in the growing ELERTS network.

    ELERTS Transit Agency Security Grant includes:

    • 2-year subscription to ELERTS EPICenter console for up to 10 dispatchers
    • EPICenter console for incident management, with 2-way real-time communication
    • A dedicated Text-A-Tip SMS phone number to receive tips/reports
    • An unlimited number of Text-A-Tip users can submit tips/reports
    • Up to 20,000 SMS or MMS messages per year
    • Online documentation and FAQ for dispatchers
    • Quarterly tune-up/performance review webinar
    • Phone support is available at extra cost

    Text-A-Tip Product Sheet

    Please download the Grant Application by entering your email in the box below.