ELERTS Event Alert™ app for Mac, Windows and Chromebook

November 30, 2015

ELERTS Event Alert™ app released for Mac, Windows and Chromebook

ELERTS, a leader in mobile emergency response communication, recently launched computer versions of its ELERTS Event Alert™ app. The new apps enable school staff to use Apple Macintosh computers, Windows PCs and Chromebooks, in addition to their smartphones, to send and receive alerts in the event of suspicious persons or threatening activity.

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ELERTS created the computer versions of this app in response to requests from ELERTS school customers who wanted to be able to access Event Alert app from their desktop as well as smartphones. With the Event Alert app, vigilant staff can alert the entire school staff and local police to security threats by simply pressing a few buttons. With the new desktop versions, even more teachers have access to this potentially life-saving technology.

“Our ELERTS Event Alert™ app is used across the country in a number of school systems. As we discovered, not everyone can use a smartphone during class time. Having ELERTS Event Alert available for the three most popular computer platforms addresses that issue,” said Ed English, CEO of Weymouth, MA-based ELERTS Corp. “The computer versions provide access to those teachers, administrative staff and school employees who prefer not to use their personal cell phone for work purposes.”

Installation of the app is as simple as a facility’s network administrator copying the Event Alert app to the desired computers. The application runs automatically when the computer restarts.

Designed for iPhones, iPads, and Android Smartphones and now Mac, PC and Chromebook computers, ELERTS Event Alert™ provides teachers and other staff with the opportunity to immediately alert persons on school property, police, and other emergency responders in the event of suspicious persons or threatening activity on school grounds. In addition to notification, Event Alert has the capability to provide real-time situation awareness—through photos, video, text, GPS maps showing the incident location, and other details—that are critical for First Responders.

The app also enables authority personnel, such as a principal or superintendent, to initiate a lockdown, shelter-in-place or evacuation command. The app can directly alert police mobile devices so they can respond faster.

“Teachers and anyone who has been in a lockdown practice drill or a real lockdown know, in a darkened room, they are not getting critical information needed to decide how to respond. Who, what and where is the threat now?” said English. “The two-way communication capabilities of this app provide those in immediate danger, First Responders and those nearby with real-time situation awareness that’s so critical to a safe outcome.”

For a K-12 school system, ELERTS Event Alert system is currently priced at $100 per month per building, on an annual basis. The application for computers is included at no extra charge.

Said English, “According to Wikipedia, there were only 35 school shootings over a period of one decade, in the 1980’s. Now in 2015 alone, there have been 20 documented shootings (18 with fatalities) and more than two months remain in the year. Today’s teachers and students go to school in an age where it’s unlikely a week will go by without a school lockdown or shooting incident. And as Sandy Hook in Newtown CT showed, you just don’t know where the next incident will occur. It can happen anywhere. Prior to the massacre, rural Newtown was rated as one of the safest towns in America. With our ELERTS Event Alert app now able to be used on computers as well as Smartphone’s, the reach of critical communications during a violent event at school has expanded.”

For more information or a demo on ELERTS Event Alert system, please call 877-256-1971 or visit elerts.com.


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