ELERTS See Say™ SDK (software developer kit) brings See Something Say Something capability to third-party smartphone apps

April 25, 2016


ELERTS, a leader in mobile emergency response communication, announced that it is making its ELERTS See Something Say Something communication system available for other companies to integrate into their own iPhone or android apps. Third-party apps may leverage ELERTS cloud infrastructure and web-based report management console to effectively interact with their app users when a safety incident is observed.

ELERTS is the leading provider of See Something Say Something mobile apps for Transit systems nationwide. Every day, riders report safety and security concerns to transit police. Reports include photos, videos, descriptions of the incident and GPS maps showing where the incident is occurring. ELERTS See Say™ app is used by Atlanta MARTA, Boston MBTA, Buffalo Niagara NFTA, San Francisco BART, Santa Clara VTA and other transits.

“We realized there are many popular apps that could benefit by enabling users to quickly report security concerns,” said Ed English, CEO of ELERTS, Corp. “ELERTS has developed a state of the art two-way communication system that connects smartphone app users through ELERTS cloud to the proper police or security operations center. It just made sense to make this capability available to other popular apps. We expect ELERTS See Say SDK to be included in apps for electronic ticketing, sports stadiums, amusement parks, hotel and resort apps, campus apps, travel apps and other apps that enjoy a large installed base of users.”

With ELERTS See Say™ SDK built in, other apps can alert First Responders about what is happening when an emergency incident occurs. Having this capability in hand dramatically increases the opportunity to respond faster and more intelligently.

English added, “ELERTS See Say™ SDK, when integrated to another app, will enable organizations to manage incoming security reports with ELERTS EPICenter web based management console. An operator may also broadcast alerts and notifications to all app users or to defined groups of app users. This powerful two-way capability allows for BOLO (Be On the Look Out) type messages to be quickly dispersed to help find a person of interest, whether for a missing person or a criminal suspect.”

By adding ELERTS See Say™ technology, app users are encouraged to be aware and watchful—and to report security concerns or persons acting suspiciously.

For more information about ELERTS See Say™ SDK, please call 877-256-1971 or visit www.ELERTS.com


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