ELERTS See Say Mobile Reporting App Deployed at More Mass Transit Agencies Than any other Solution

June 19, 2017

Mass Transit Systems embracing 21st Century Transit PolicingMass Transit Agencies trust ELERTS mobile reporting app for engaging their riders to report safety and security concerns. Riders may discreetly report security or safety issues via ELERTS See Say. Incident reports include photo/video, an incident description, and the GPS location of the problem. Two-way communication allows the dispatcher to ask questions or instruct the rider. This app informs responding personnel of both common and critical issues, adding an additional layer of protection with immediate situation awareness.

Public transit systems face the arduous task of protecting their riders, employees, and property. These systems are utilizing the highly valuable information source known as crowd-sourced reporting. Smartphones are everywhere; incoming information from smartphones makes a critical difference for responding personnel.

In our ever-changing world, it is imperative to navigate with expertise and use the most current technology designed to deliver the best protection. These mass transit systems are effectively providing the best resource to empower immediate situation awareness by engaging the people who are the first to see incidents evolve and enabling them to report those incidents, truly embracing twenty-first-century transit policing at its best.

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Crowdsourced Situational Awareness

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