REAL-TIME 2-WAY Communication between Dispatcher and Rider

June 22, 2017

dispatcherWhen a rider sees an incident and initiates a report, that report opens real-time two-way communication between rider and dispatcher. The operator can continue to ask questions to obtain additional information or provide further instructions to the rider.

Most incident reports will be everyday issues such as vandalism, disruptive behavior, and non-payment, so they will not require excessive back-and-forth communication.

However, in the event of a robbery, drug deal, assault, or an unattended package, it is imperative for the dispatcher to communicate with the rider. Obtaining details about those involved in the situation, what transportation they are taking, an assessment of the suspect’s behavior, the number of people involved, and a report of the overall situation is incredibly beneficial in strategizing the best outcome . The dispatcher can advise the rider and communicate that help is on the way, where help will intervene, and how long before help will arrive.  Communication between rider and operator dramatically changes the response landscape. First responders are at their best when they have detailed information and crucial facts about a situation.

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