Denver International Airport Launches ELERTS’ See Say Airport

June 22, 2018

Today we’re happy to announce that Denver International Airport (DEN) has launched ELERTS’ See Say Airport to enable DEN passengers and employees to directly report safety, security and maintenance concerns to airport authorities. Denver International Airport is the fifth-busiest airport in the United States. With more than 61 million passengers traveling through the airport each year, DEN is one of the busiest airline hubs in the world’s largest aviation market. DEN is the primary economic engine for the state of Colorado, generating more than $26 billion for the region annually.

App users can share real-time information about potential safety concerns including suspicious persons and activity, or maintenance issues such as malfunctioning escalators or restrooms that need attention. We applaud DEN for being a first mover in crowd sourcing airport safety and security.

ELERTS See Say Airport is the only Software as a Service incident-reporting solution proven effective at 16 public transit agencies, FEMA-tested as NIMS compliant and chaos-tested at the Boston marathon bombing. ELERTS See Say Airport has completed operational testing and evaluation by National Safe Skies Alliance, Inc. (Safe Skies) at San Antonio International Airport. Safe Skies’ evaluation report, which is entitled ASSIST SAT: Evaluation Report – ELERTS See Say Airport Crowd-Sourced Incident Reporting Application, was issued in June 2018. Qualified airport personnel at US commercial-service airports may contact Safe Skies to request this report.

Safety is DEN’s number one priority, and they recognize the power in crowd sourcing safety and security concerns. Today at AAAE International Airport Emergency Management Conference, we’ll be on stage to further discuss the launch and how See Say Airport allows DEN workers and passengers to report suspicious behavior or items, safety issues, or other issues. If you’re there, please stop by – we’re happy to answer questions or provide a demo. If you’re not in Denver today, contact us to learn more at any time.





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